The Man in the Moon is a project in development incorporating music, puppetry, movement, dance, tableau vivant, object theatre all in a 5 part performance installation. The audience is invited to explore the performance at their own pace and in their own way, becoming as much a part of the performance as the performers themselves.
Hidden within the environment of the show are secrets and clues. A girl with a choice to be made, a lover's race, a missing letter, a seemingly innocent dance, and a revival and revelation.
With 4 directors, the collision and juxtaposition of style and content offers a varied look into the best experimental work Atlanta has to offer.

Timothy A. Hand, Wade Tilton, Jeffrey Zwartjes, and Tera Buerkle are creating a first for Atlanta. Man in the Moon attempts to capture the passive impact the moon has on our culture and our history, and says more about life here on Earth than of the stars.

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